Between the Lines, Volume 1 of the RxART Canada Colouring Book

RxART is thrilled to be working on Volume 1 of Between the Lines: An RxART Canada Colouring Book by Contemporary Canadian Artists. This will be our first RxART Canada Colouring Book and we are so thrilled to have Marcel Dzama creating the cover artwork and sticker spread, inspired by his upcoming RxART Project at St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto. Including Dzama, the coloring book will feature original drawings by approximately 50 established and emerging contemporary Canadian artists. The majority of the Colouring Books will be donated to children in hospitals and health care centers throughout Canada. Since 2005, RxART has produced Between the Lines: An RxART Coloring Book by Contemporary Artists in the US and donated more than 140,000 copies internationally. A portion of the books will be sold on the RxART Canada website, in museum stores, and specialty retailers to raise funds to support RxART Canada Projects.

Participating Artists Include:Marcel Dzama (cover artist), Hangama Amiri, Alan Belcher, Christi Belcourt, Robert Bordo, Sascha Braunig, Edward Burtynsky, Rande Cook, Julia Dault, Isabelle Demers, Kim Dorland, Michael Dumontier & Neil Farber, Karine Fréchette, Valérie Gobeil, Ella Gonzales, Nicolas Grenier, Stephanie Temma Hier, Russna Kaur, Cameron Kerr, Shawn Kuruneru, Will Kwan, Lyse Lemieux, Tau Lewis, Micah Lexier, Rachel MacFarlane, Vanessa Maltese, Geoff McFetridge, Jason McLean, Caroline Monnet, Damian Moppett, Kristine Moran, Jennifer Murphy, Paul P., Kyung Soon Park, Luke Parnell, Sojourner Truth Parsons, Veronika Pausova, Jagdeep Raina, Brian Rideout, Matthew Schofield, Walter Scott, Pat Service, Derek Sullivan, Jan Wade, Ashes Withyman, and Michael Nicoll Yahgulanaas.